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"I want to try yoga, but..."

I haven't had a chance...Studios aren't open...I don't know where to start...People like me don't do yoga...I have this injury...I am not flexible...

What's holding you back? I can relate to a few of these and more. But I was able to breakthrough my reasons of time, kids, money, and even feeling like I don't fit into the yoga community, to become a Certified Yoga Teacher, offering the kind of community where everyone can feel like they belong, no matter where you are in your journey! You are reading this right now because you want to make some kind of change and I want to help you do it.

Message me! Lets breakthrough your blocks and figure out what changes you can make today!

Zoom class schedule. Pacific Standard Time

Take class with a membership or as a drop in! Learn about memberships below! Feel free to contact me to help you incorporate some of this JOY into your schedule. Private sessions are also available. [email protected]


With each membership comes access to an exclusive community of like minded individuals to encourage, support, and experience your lifestyle with. Here you will find accountability, daily insight and yoga education, and inspiration.

Community members will have access to monthly challenges at no extra cost. There will be giveaways. Any courses or live events by the liveJOY lifestyle will be discounted just for the community. 

Connect with the instructors, ask questions, and communicate feedback all through the member's only community.

liveJOY membership

Want to explore yoga? Vary your movement patterns with different dance styles and yoga? Commit to consistency? 

The liveJOY membership gives you one online class a week from the live schedule. Chose yoga one week, dance the next. Choose a mommy and me class to spend some extra time with your little one. 

Classes you registered for will be recorded for you just in case you miss it. Even if you don't, you will have access to the recording for the rest of the month if you want to utilize it again!

And of course, you will automatically become a part of the liveJOY lifestyle community. 

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liveJOY lifestyle

When you decide to go the lifestyle route, you will get the option to take every single class on the schedule. Thats unlimited online classes all month! This includes the videos of live classes from that month so you can use them again anytime for the rest of the month! Also, like the liveJOY membership, you become a part of our community. 

Join liveJOY lifestyle

Meet the instructors

Professional and certified staff to bring you safe and quality instruction. 

Instructor Bios

Request private sessions for coaching, yoga, or dance.

Need a little guidance and/or support to start making change in your life? Want to get specific about yoga asana and what works for your body? Lets get together and see how I can be of service!

Custom Jewelry, Roller Bottles and Oil Blends

I use essential oils daily. If you're new to oils, I can assist you in choosing your first oils. If you are looking for something specific, I can make blends or custom roller bottles without or with crystals for a little extra healing power boost. Let me know in the form below how I can help you in adding essential oils to your lifestyle. 


"Glenda, you are a great and knowledgeable instructor."


"You inspire others with your warmth and energetic personality. I plan to try these exercises and hope to be a good student. These are holistic exercises that are good for the spirit, health, and longevity. Thanks for sharing."



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